The Key To Getting Kids To Eat Vegetables Is To Keep Trying

June 13, 2017

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Healthy eating habits are developed in our early years and for many kids vegetables are a hard sell.  Tight-lipped when a green bean approaches their mouth?  Keep trying is the advice from a new study that say the most effective way of getting greens into their diet is to keep offering vegetables, even if they don't eat them. Incorporating vegetables into children's everyday meals also encourages them to give vegetables a try.  Another option is to offer special rewards for eating greens, such as stickers for giving them a try.  The study that suggest this strategy points to a child's changing taste buds and gentle encouragement to try a disliked food is important for helping children to learn to like new tastes.  Also, kids learn from their parents, so if they see you eating vegetables, it may encourage them as well to give it a try.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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