The Key To Food Portion Control Is In Your Hands

August 29, 2017

One of the mysteries of weight control is portion size.  Eating too little or too much can lead to stalled weightless and discouraging results.  But some guidance is at hands.  in fact, it involve your hands, says a personal trainer that says clasping your hands is secret to measuring the perfect amount of food to maintain your energy and stay fuller for longer. Using your clasped hands as a guide for portion size means you are eating enough to stay energized but not eating too much you feel sluggish.  The key is to eat 6 times a day, so that your body has just enough fuel throughout the day to prevent spikes in blood sugar and gut-rumbling hunger pains. As for exercising, she says over exercising, eating too little and doing too much cardio can lead to underwhelming results.  A balance of quick exercises and by eating more will produces better results.  However it is what you eat.  She recommends avoiding processed foods and eat clean food with minimal processing.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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