Key To Beating The Blues Is To Clean Out Your House

November 15, 2016

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Usually the holidays bring a smile and stir up warm memories of past Thanksgivings and Christmases.  For some, it’s hard to shake off the blues.  Even outside the holidays you just may feel bummed out all the time.  Perhaps it’s the items in your house that is making you sad.  Experts offer advice on cheering up your home.  For instant, hanging on to Family heirlooms-we hang on to tradition and keep heirlooms even if it's something you don't like because we feel guilty giving them away.  If you aren't ready to give them away, remove them from your home and store them to give to the next generation. Get rid of heavy drapes-A holistic design expert says "Light and airy" drapes create a similar feeling in people, while heavy drapes can be suffocating. Childhood mementos-while some are precious, we often end up holding on to too many of these old memories, which can be an emotional drag. "Facing up to the fact that a former treasure no longer holds its old magic is to acknowledge that we ourselves have changed," says an expert. Broken items-you plan to fix them someday, but someday never comes. A feng shui expert says you'd be happier if you just threw them away. Old books-keep only those you really love, and let go of the rest, says an expert. The more you keep, the more emotionally draining it is to eventually go through them.

SOURCE:  Houston Chronicle  

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