Smart Safety For Your Smartphone In Summertime

July 13, 2018

Summer's hot weather can take a toll on you as well as your smartphone. Extreme temperatures can have a big impact on your phone’s internal components, including the loss of data or corrupting files, causing the battery to explode and repeated exposure to heat could permanently slow down your device. With that in mind, here’s a list of six easy steps you can take to protect your phone when the temperature starts rising. On a hot day, you shouldn’t keep your phone in your pocket if you want it to cool down. Not only is it unpleasant, but your natural body heat will work against the cooling process. Just like while charging, you’re better off putting your phone in a shaded position away from insulating materials. If you’re playing games or making lots of calls, your phone will be working harder and generating more heat as it does, which can lead to overheating. To help your phone cool down, put it in airplane mode and stop using processor-intensive apps. Avoid leaving your phone in the car as temperatures can quickly rise to 113 degrees or higher. Avoid charging it in direct sunlight. The heat from the sun will add to the normal heat that’s a side-effect of the electricity transfer to your phone’s battery. That can cause the phone to heat up far more than it normally would. As smart is it sounds to place your phone in the freezer to cool it down, rapid temperature shifts are also bad for your phone. IT causes condensation to become trapped inside.


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