Keep Your Christmas Shopping Private Online

December 4, 2017

© Lisa F. Young | Dreamstime

No doubt you've notice that when you search for an item to buy online that it follows you around in the form of ads on the dozens of other web sites your visit or pop up on your phone when the kids are playing with it.  That can be an annoying spoiler during Christmas shopping.  So here are some simple practices you can do to keep the mystery of your gifts alive and well. Get into the habit of opening private or incognito web windows when gift shopping. It will erase your browsing and search histories as well as dump any tracking cookies you pick-up during your shopping visit.  The down side is all your stored information, such as address and payment method will need to be entered manually every time.  You can also install an ad block extension to prevent similar item ads items don't show up online.  Many are free and easy to install.  If you are new to Amazon and are a Prime member, make sure you set up Amazon Household. This will allow your family to enjoy the benefits of Amazon Prime but keep your shopping purchase exclusive to your account.  Finally turn off your push notifications.  Nothing can ruin a surprise faster than a notice that your "PlayStation 4 game has shipped." Rather download the apps from UPS, FedEx and USPS and look on your own to see if and when items were shipped.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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