Keep A Grilled Cheese Warm Hours After Its Been Cooked

November 8, 2017

© Msheldrake | Dreamstime

One day this winter, it will be cold and nothing taste better on a cold day than a grilled cheese sandwich.  Usually you can only enjoy it immediately after the cheese has melted and the bread has toasted.  But we're about to revolutionize your grill cheese life and go over how you can enjoy a warm grilled cheese hours after it has been prepared.  First, you'll need an insulated thermos or Yeti mug.  Fill it with boiling water and let it sit while you prepare a grilled cheese sandwich.  Once the sandwich is at its peak of cheese meltiness and bread toasty, pour out the water from your insulated mug and dry it out.  Then cut up your grill cheese sandwich into fingers that can be inserted in the insulated mug and seal it.  The heat from the boiling water should keep your grilled cheese warm enough to be consumed hours later for lunch!

SOURCE: The Kitchn

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