Keep Cats Off Your Countertops With These Tips

June 26, 2018

The struggle is real!  Our beloved cat brings us joy but our curious critters can sometime be unwelcome in the kitchen, especially after using the litter box and wondering on to your counter where food is being prepared.  Even worse is the food being out and they leap on to the surface to investigate. There might be moments when you might want to allow your furball to have free rein of the countertops, but there are also some instances when it's best to set up the kitty equivalent of a "keep off" sign. So here are some tips to use. Rather than spraying your cat with water when they jump on a forbidden counter, "arrange for the environment to punish your cat directly." says the ASPCA. Balance some lightweight cookie sheets on the edge of the counter. When your cat jumps up, they'll land on the sheets causing them to topple over, making some unpleasant noise while she leaps back onto the floor. You can also use sheets of aluminum foil. Double-sided tape can work too and even laying sandpaper up on your countertops will produce enough annoyance for kitty-cat to stay off the counters. Considering our cats are on the counters when we're not home or watching, it is ever more important to properly clean surfaces thoroughly before preparing food. Hot water, soap, and an antibacterial agent should do the trick.

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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