Keep Apple Slices From Browning With A Rubber Band

March 27, 2018


Apples and pears are healthy snacks kids love, that is until the fresh slices turn brown. One mother has come up with a simple hack that keeps freshly cut slices of fruit from turning brown and without using lemon juice. Eleanor Hill says all you need is a pairing knife and a rubber band. First, cut apples and pears without removing the core.  She says to slice the fruits so that the core is squared and hang on to it.  Once you've made your slice, reassemble the apple or hear, like a jigsaw puzzle and place the rubber band around the apple to hold it together. She said her hack works well because it uses the fruit's own acids to keep it fresh and you don't have to include a separate step of dousing slices with lemon juice. A bonus is you don't need a plastic bag or container to transport. This trick can also work on avocados by keeping the pit in place and reassembling the unused portions and holding them together with a rubber band.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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