KARMA: Stranger Cuts In Front Of Man In Lottery Line-Man Wins $1Million

September 30, 2016


The next time you are standing in the checkout line and someone rudely cuts in front of you, remember this story.  The same thing happened to a New Zealand man this week as he was standing in line to purchase a lottery ticket at a convenience store. Apparently someone though it was OK to cut in the checkout line.  However the man who wishes to remain anonymous at this time said he wasn't in a big hurry and didn't say anything to the line jumper, who also purchased a quick pick lottery ticket.  After the rude shopper left the store, the man also purchased a quick pick lottery ticket.  It just so happened the man who had politely said nothing about losing his place in line held the winning lottery ticket of one million dollars!  The man can't believe his luck, or karma, and says the money will certainly better the life of him and his wife.

SOURCE: New Zealand Herald

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