The Joy Of Painting's Bob Ross Can How Help Your Relax And Sleep

June 15, 2018

© Barbara Helgason | Dreamstime

One of the most enduring TV shows is The Joy Of Painting with Bob Ross.  Although the iconic painter died in 1995, his show remains as popular today as it did decades ago thanks to the Bob Ross YouTube channel and various marathons on re-releases on the Internet.  Now the soothing voice of the man who reminded us to paint "happy little bushes and trees" can lull you to sleep thanks to the Calm app.  Calm has released a Sleep Story for the mobile app titled 'Painting with Bob Ross' using clips from his PBS television show to help people fall asleep. The meditation & sleep app has reached a first-ever licensing agreement for Bob's voice to be used from the 11 seasons of his famous PBS show to help you unwind, relax and get a good night's sleep. The first instalment came out last week, and two more are on the way for later in the summer. Although the app is free for Apple and Android devices, premium access cost $4.99 a month which includes unlimited access to all the calming voices including Bob Ross.

SOURCE: New York Times

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