Jobs Where You Are More Likely To Be Single

May 18, 2018

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Finding the right person to share your life with isn't an easy feat. For people working certain jobs it even hard, at least according to the job-hunting site Zippia.  They analyzed census data for people under 40 between 2012 and 2016 and found bartenders, tile installer and food servers are most likely single with 74% of bartenders reporting they're single, 73% of title installers and 69% of food servers also said they were single. Tour and travel guides, parts salespeople round out the top 5.  Personal care workers, flight attendants, veterinary assistants also ranked high.  While it may appear these workers are destined to be single, the study found that those professions ranking high on the list are in industries with high turnover rates, which suggests people who pursue them may by more focused on advancing their careers over dedicating time to relationships. A good chunk of the jobs also have a commission element, which may compel people to work longer hours to make more money, and thus not save time for maintaining a relationship.

SOURCE: Thrillist

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