January 20th Is The Day When Most New Year's Resolutions End

January 20, 2017

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Twenty days into the New Year.  How is your New Year's resolution to eat healthy or exercise more coming along? A survey conducted by Pennsylvania State University reveals 75% of adults who started the year with resolutions for better health give up.  They found that 20 days is about all one can take to resist the temptation of forbidden foods and go back to their old ways.  Foods people can't resist include chocolate, pizza and Chinese food. Also, 20% of those who swore off alcohol for the month of January will have a drink tonight. A third of those who fall off the diet wagon today say they'll kick things back into high gear before their summer vacation. The poll of 2,000 adults uncovered that on average, people have tried to diet 19 times in their lifetime.

SOURCE: Mirror

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