Items Your Dishwasher Can Clean Besides Dishes

July 18, 2018

© Moreno Soppelsa | Dreamstime

If you thought your dishwasher was just for cleaning dishes, we've got some pleasant news to share with you! Your dishwasher can become a multi-tasker too with these time-saving cleaning hacks that involve it.  Don't waste time vacuuming each piece of the air vent grille.  Simply unscrew it from the wall and run it in the dishwasher. Speaking of the vacuum, when was the last time those filthy hose and attachments were cleaned? Place them on the top rack and get them clean! Other items include sponges, silicone oven mitts and even a dingy baseball cap. The kids toys can be cleaned inside too as well as your hairbrush (remove as much loose hair as possible beforehand).  Wash away dirt and grime on plastic flip-flops with a quick cycle every once in a while. Just remember to use the top rack so that plastic and delicate items do not melt or warp. In true summer style, you'll be able to set it, forget it, and get back to the sunshine.

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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