Items You Should Avoid Buying At The Supermarket

March 19, 2018

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It's easy to do your weekly shopping all at once store.  It saves you time but does it save you money?  Of course not!  Convenience aside, there are some common supermarket items you should avoid buying at all costs, simply because they cost a lot. For instance, salad dressings.  Not only do pre-made salad dressings have 12 to 20 ingredients and adds 100-200 calories to your dinner, they costs anywhere between $3 to $12 a bottle!  You can make you own with three to four ingredients that not only will save you calories but costs $1 to $5 in ingredients. Pre-shredded or grated cheese is convenient but costs as much as four times as much as block varieties.  Not to mention many pre-grated cheese contain non-cheese fillers, including wood pulp, to keep its shape and prevent it from melting. Eww!  Also high on the yuck factor is the shopping cart itself. Research found that about 72% of grocery store shopping carts have traces of poop on them. Considering they're touch by hundreds of hands, you really should opt for the bags when shopping for fruits and vegetables (even plastic ones) to keep them from being contaminated.  Finally, if it isn't a food item then it's going to cost you, on average, 50% more!

SOURCE: Thrillist

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