Is It Time To Say Goodbye To Voicemail?

May 8, 2018

© Aleksey Boldin | Dreamstime

Is it time to say goodbye to voicemail? With an entire generation growing up with easy access to text messaging, a Tweet recently sent claiming to "ban voicemail" has been widely shared and supported by those who say voicemail causes them stress and anxiety.  Some said they were so scared by the thought of listening to them they have hundreds of untouched voicemails going back years. Another tweet point out, "with text, Whatsapp, work email, personal email, Twitter DM, Instagram DM, Facebook Messenger, snail mail and the phone itself, why do we need voicemail?" However not everyone agrees.  Those defending voicemail say voicemail is still important as many simply miss calls and say if the message is important enough they'll leave a voicemail. But others have been quick to point out there is no need to ban them because anyone can just switch them off. One critic said: 'Such a ridiculous proposal. It's fine if you don't like voicemails, but THEY ARE ENTIRELY OPTIONAL. Your personal distaste in voicemails shouldn't restrict others.' 

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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