Iron Man Suit Stolen

May 10, 2018

© Xinhua

Avengers Assemble!  Iron Man's suit has been stolen.  Police in Los Angeles say they've been alerted to the theft of an Iron Man suit from a movie prop facility.  The crimson-and-gold costume was used in the original 2008 Iron Man film, which starred Robert Downey Jr., and apparently went missing between February and April 25.  While many costumes are made in mass, this is a one-of-a-kind working version of the mechanized armor with repulsor ray gauntlets, uni-beam projector, flame thrower, tank missiles, life-support systems, supersonic flight, all powered by a portable arc reactor.  The movie prop is worth $325,000 but if Tony Stark built in outside the Marvel universe, it would cost about $100 million, which is the same price of a sing F-35 fighter jet!  The investigation is ongoing as to who stole it.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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