iPhone's Siri Moonlighting As The Batcomputer

February 16, 2017

© Marcin Chodorowski | Dreamstime

Label this one as one of the best movie promotion gimmicks ever.  iPhone users, press and hold your home button until Siri activates.  Then simple say "Hey, computer", or Americanize it and say "Hey, 'puter".  What Siri responds with is nothing less than bat-tastic.  A recent Siri update to plug the movie, The Lego Batman Movie that stars Will Arnett as the voice of Lego Batman, turns your iPhone into the Batcomputer with replies such as, "Welcome home Sir. FYI, Robin is trying on costumes in the Batcave again" and "Hello Sir.  I’ve heated up your lobster thermidor in the microwave".  The latest sci-fi infused Siri follows other stunts for Game of Thrones, Back To The Future and Pokemon Go.  The Lego Batman Movie is in theatres now.

SOURCE: Mashable

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