iPhone App Alerts You Of Stores You Shop That Are Not In-Line With Your Values

May 5, 2017

© Pressureua | Dreamstime

It is often said where you spend your dollar speaks volumes.  However with so many businesses and store it can be overwhelming to know if you are inadvertently supporting a store that is not in line with your values.  A new iPhone app called Nudge For Change can help out.  Based on your preferences and location, the app sends you push notifications to alert you that the store you are about to enter or make a purchase has a history of poor workers’ rights or an environmental polluter.  The app suggest a nearby store that is more in line with your values, using government and unbiased news sources. You can also add stores you wish to avoid to the app, which will automatically search for alternative stores nearby, which can be handy on a road trip. The app developer hopes that showing the power of the free market can get companies with checkered past to clean up their act and says the app will be updated to reflect any positive changes.  It's free to download at the App store with an Android version launching soon.

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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