Is The iPhone 5 About To Become Obsolete?

March 31, 2017

© Anthony Behar-Sipa USA

Clinging to your iPhone 4S, 5 or 5C?  Then you defiantly do not want to load the latest software update.  Soon you will be seeing that familiar red circle in the settings field, prompting us to download the latest software update, older iPhones and iPad will not run the program.  That's because Apple is in essence phasing out their 32-bit processor. iPhones 6 and newer as well as iPads use a 64-bit processor. So installing iOS10 could leave your device open to security and performance flaws.  But this shouldn't be any surprise as Apple let the world know last year that they'd be phasing out all support for 32-bit processor devices.  Now it appears the plan is in motion.