Invention Gives Trapped Animals In Swimming Pools An Escape To Stay Alive

September 27, 2017


Pool owners have a daily problem of animals making the mistake and walking, crawling, flying and jumping into their pools.  Sadly many of those frogs, mice, lizards, ducklings, chipmunks and other animals and insects end up dying because they are unable to climb the slick sides of a pool.  But a simple animal-friendly ladder is giving those animals a chance to escape certain death and keep pool owners from discovering floating corpses. 

The Frog Log is a semicircular floating pad with a mesh skirt that is attached to a non-scratch mesh-type ladder that is anchored with a weight pouch.  Placing the semicircular pad on the water's surface against the side of the pool and using the weighted pouch to anchor it allows trapped animals the chance to climb the Frog Log and climb their way to safety.  The Frog Log is the brainchild of Rich Mason, a wildlife biologist who worked for hundreds of hours to develop it after friends counted a total of 53 dead frogs pulled from their pools in one summer.  The Frog Log is a hot seller and goes for about $23, with 3% of profits donated to conservation groups like Amphibian Survival Alliance and Green People.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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