Interview Tips To Make You Stand Apart From The Crowd

August 24, 2016


When seeking a new job, we look for ways to stand out from the crowd, ina good way. Undercover Recruiter says that a third of employers know within the first 90 seconds of an interview whether they will hire someone. So how to make the most out of that 90 seconds? Here are some expert tips for interviews.  #1-Careful not to overdress.  If you show up in a business suit when the staff shows up in business casual, you may be out of the running. Considering 65% of interviewers say that clothing choice could be a deciding factor between two nearly identical candidates.  When getting an interview, it's OK to ask what you should wear.  Also, different people within the same organization may dress differently. Higher level people may dress in suits, while lower level people may be dressed casually, so you’ll want to be dressed as well or slightly better than the level for which you're interviewing so that no one will feel uncomfortable. #2-show up on time, which is 5 to 10 minutes before your interview.  Any earlier you may catch your interviewer off-guard and an urgent feeling for them to immediately adjust their schedule to accommodate you.  #3-Be polite to everyone.  You don't know who is who. Finally, bring a pen and note pad, and by pen and notepad, one that isn't swiped from a hotel room.  Pen and paper actually meant for an office environment or use an electronic tablet or iPad.

SOURCE: Menal Floss

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