Internet Costs Worldwide Compared

January 10, 2018

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The Internet may have been born in the USA, it's costly for Americans to use it. According to cost information web site, the average cost for broadband internet access is $66.20 a month, which is the 82nd priciest out of 196 counties. By comparison, access in Canada costs slightly less around $55.70 a month and its dirt cheap in Mexico with the average cost of $26.70.   As for the cheapest Internet, China and India offer their 2.7 billion combined residents broadband for less than $40/month, on average. Extremely cheap internet is provided in Russia ($10), Syria ($12), Kazakhstan ($13), and Iran ($5.40). Africa is the most expensive with 31 nations paying the most for limited access. Internet in Namibia costs over $450. In Burkina Faso, the priciest of all, internet costs an astonishing $963 per month! As for speed the USA is ranked 10th worldwide in Internet speed for the first time ever in 2017 with an average speed of 18.7 megabits per second.  For the fastest access you'll have to travel to South Korea where the Internet flies at 28.6 megabits per second and all for a cost averaging $29.60 a month.

SOURCE: Thrillist

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