Interactive Map Shows The peak Dates For Fall Foliage

October 10, 2017

© Dean Pennala | Dreamstime

When you are outside it's hard to believe it is autumn but a quick drive up north and you'll begin to see the glorious fall colors as trees shed their leaves for winter.  If you're able to get a few days off this month, you can plan a trip and be surrounded by brilliant reds, yellows, purple and orange. A web site has been created an interactive map using historical data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which gives you a "best guess" as to the peak of fall foliage color.  For this week (week of October 9) peak colors are seen in the northeast (New York, Maine, northern Pennsylvania) and the upper Midwest (Minnesota, Wisconsin, northern Michigan). Next week (week of October 15) the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina, Tennessee as well as Virginia and southern New England are at their peak. Northern Georgia, northern South Carolina and western Kentucky peak the week of October 29th.  As for our Florida fall, we can expect our peak fall foliage the week of November 12th.


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