Insurance Comapny Offers Discounted Smart Watch In Exchange For Living Healthy

October 25, 2017


There's more than one way to get an Apple Watch.  While the latest Apple smart watch cost $329, one insurance company is offering the latest smart watch for just $25.  John Hancock Insurance is offering all Vitality life insurance policy holders (including newcomers) an Apple Watch Series 3 or Fitbit equivalent for $25 so long as you use it and remain active. Specifically, you have to exercise enough to earn "Vitality Points" that lower or eliminate the monthly installments you'd otherwise be paying. Accrue 500 points per month for 2 years and the smartwatch is yours for no extra cost. The program is being expanded to all healthy living insurance policies after more than half of those participating in the beta were active enough to avoid defaulting on the agreement.  Of course there is some trade off in sending John Hancock sharing some of your health data.

SOURCE: Engadget

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