The Inside Out Grilled Cheese Sandwich

May 9, 2017

© Msheldrake | Dreamstime

In the 21st century, some classic culinary creations are due for a makeover, including the time-tested grilled cheese sandwich. We introduce you to the inside-out grilled cheese sandwich and from what we hear, it's is beyond delicious.  The inside-out grilled cheese starts off in the traditional sense of slices of cheese inside two pieces of bread that are buttered on the outside.  However before placing that first piece of bread butter side down in the grill, sprinkle some shredded cheese, preferably not the same that will be inside the sandwich, as well as sliced mushrooms, tomato or any other food that would tempts your taste buds.  Then proceed with the inner cheese slices and top with bread with the butter side out.  Then add any additional toppings of cheese, mushroom, etc. that you had on the down side.  Flip after a few minutes to let the other side cook and viola, a grilled cheese that is ready for a 21st century stomach!

SOURCE: Pop Sugar

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