Increase Bad Smells At Work Prompts Odor Control Seminars

September 15, 2016


Body odor is a real turn off when you catch a whiff of it.  Apparently it is such a problem in Japan offices that companies are drafting "smell harassment" policies to address the issue.  Body odor, bad breath, cigarette smoke and even perfumes and colognes are such a concern for the images of many companies, mainly in the service industry, that employees are being sent to seminars to address their smell. The course includes directions to brush their teeth after their lunch break, not to eat strong-smelling food before or during work hours and to avoid using perfume, although deodorants are acceptable. The policies seem to be targeting the biggest smell offenders, middle-aged and older men and those who are heavy smokers. Growing awareness of the problem has caused a minor boom in products designed to keep people cool in an office, ranging from lightweight suits to packs of cooling chemicals that can be worn as a scarf.

SOURCE: Telegraph

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