Improvement Projects Homeowners Wish They'd Completed Earlier

June 19, 2018

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Last week we mentioned the average home has nine current improvement projects happening at the same time and for many of them, it's "in progress" but very little work is being done. But as you prioritize those projects a recent poll of long time homeowners reveals the projects they wish were done sooner. Upgrading the windows. While windows can last a lifetime there are a lot of updates that can save you money in the long run. Leaky windows can add to your energy bill from 10% to 25%. If your windows are damaged, warped or broken then replace them quickly. Focus on flooring. Although it sounds like a major project, replacing floors can be a weekend project. From carpet to hardwood, replacing them can really breathe new life into a new room. Update lighting fixtures. Older fixtures can look dated and if they use incandescent bulbs, they're wasting your money. New LED lights not only last longer but come in various colors and brightness that can re-create that warm glow of past bulbs. Changing the locks. Although it's assumed when you bought your house that you have all the keys.  But there is really no way to know how many keys are floating out there. Also, if the locks become stubborn and difficult to operate, they are older and it may be simpler to just replace them at that point than hassle with jiggling the lock. Invest in landscaping. Research the plants that will do well in the spot on your property and ask an expert at your local nursery for some guidance. Finally, paint!  It's the easiest project to complete that will definitely help you relax when you come home!

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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