Impatient Man Attacks Couponing Mom In Checkout Line

December 14, 2016


Using coupons at the checkout lane? Ain't no one got time for that!  Perhaps that’s the battle cry for a crazed man who attacked a woman at a grocery store in Memphis, Tennessee over the weekend because her attempt to save money was taking too long.  Megan Wilson says she was sifting through her coupons to find the ones that were set to expire while her items were being scanned at the check outline. Behind her was a man who apparently wasn't happy with being delayed and began to harass her about holding up the line.  In her Facebook video, Megan recounts the story and suggest the man go to another checkout line. However the man continues a verbal attack on her for around 10 minutes until she finishes checking out.  Flustered, Megan gathers her groceries and begins to leave as the impatient man now begins to check out his items, when Meghan's drink drops and splashes on the floor, with some of it hitting the man.  That is when he allegedly grabbed her by her hair bun and slams her to the ground.  As Megan tries to get up the man flees the store. The grocery store management says they are cooperating with police to identify the man.


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