Ice Cream Popsicles That Don't melt Are A Reality

August 7, 2017

© Aleksandrs Samuilovs | Dreamstime

Nothing ruins a hot summer faster than an ice cream that starts to melt, run down your hand and leave you with a cool soup! Not to worry as Japanese scientist say they've created melt-less ice cream! In particular popsicles that don't melt.  It's all because of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami of 2011.  The events devastated the country, including agriculture.  While farming has returned, the produce grown, such as strawberries, are not in good enough shape to be sold.  So scientists were looking into using a product of the strawberries: polyphenol.  It is found in all red fruits, such as pomegranates and tomatoes.  So the researchers asked a pastry chef to make them a new dessert using polyphenol liquid extracted from strawberries, to try and salvage something from the unsellable fruit. The Chef complained that the polyphenol liquid solidified cream on contact, making it difficult to work with. Intrigued, the research center realized it might be on to something, and it began experimenting with different milks, creams, and polyphenol concentrations to make a melt-resistant ice cream Popsicle. The popsicles, which are now sold in some shops in Japan can reportedly retain a solid shape even when blasted with a hair dryer for five minutes, and will still taste cool! For now, they are sold in Japan but could someday be sold in our store shelves.

SOURCE: Quartz

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