The Ice Cream Hack That Saved Summer

August 15, 2017

© Andreykuzmin | Dreamstime

You have two choices when it comes to eating ice cream in Florida, eat it quickly or use a straw to drink it.  Although the Japanese have made progress in making melt resistant varieties, we have to come to terms that out hot climate means ice cream won't stay frozen long...until now.  A Twitter user has become the savior of summer ice cream with a relatively simple hack involving a pint of sea salt caramel and a Yeti cup. He found out that placing his ice cream inside a Yeti will keep it from melting a breakneck speeds.  He even added a bonus nugget of placing ice at the bottom to make your ice cream even colder.  Although this is knowledge we should've already know but in any case you now have the means to enjoy your ice cream outside and at your own pace! Thanks Donald Li!

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