Ice Cream Could Lick Away Heart Disease

January 24, 2017

© Joshua Resnick | Dreamstime

Could you lick away your risk of heart disease with an ice cream cone? Pretty soon that may be the advice from your doctor as scientist says they've created an ice cream that is heart-healthy that increases blood flow and reduces stress on your heart!  It all comes down to a type of antioxidant, called polyphenols, which is found in foods and drinks ranging from red wine and dark chocolate. Previous reports have stated those food items are good for your heart. However the researchers found that polyphenols survive longer in cooler temperatures.  So researchers created an ingredient list for one of the coolest foods on earth.  They made ice cream with large amount of cocoa powder, hazelnut extract and green tea; off of which are loaded polyphenols. After consuming the yummy mixture, people had higher levels of nitric oxide, keeping arteries healthy, and blood flow and their physical stamina improved, compared to when they ate a bowl of normal ice cream.  However eating only dark chocolate, ice cream and red wine will not cure you of poor lifestyle choices; such as eating only chocolate, ice cream and wine.  Moderation is the key.  For now the ice cream is just a research project but could be released to the public soon.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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