Ice Cream Can Make You Feel Warmer

June 26, 2018

© Andreykuzmin | Dreamstime

Once again we're going to experience outdoor temperatures into the 90s with heat indices approaching 100. Sounds like the perfect day to cool off with an ice cream cone. Believe it or not, eating ice cream can make you warmer and not cooler. It's because the effect of ice cream's temperature is rapidly outweighed by the heat generated by your body to digesting it. A better way to cool off is to drink small amounts of warm beverages like water, tea or coffee.  As strange as it may sound eat hot spicy food with chilies instead.  These will make you sweat more, and thus, cool you down. It's why spicy foods are popular in warm climates throughout the world. But don't let this bit of knowledge keep you from enjoying an ice cream cone with your friends and family this summer. After all, you're more likely to see smiles with eating ice cream than witnessing the pain of someone eating a pepper!


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