Hydrogen Peroxide Not Effective In Wound Care

January 5, 2018

© Njnightsky | Dreamstime

You might want to sit down for this revelation. Hydrogen Peroxide, the foamy "sizzling" medicine mom and dad would dab on the cut on your knee as a kid?  Come to find out, it is not great at is disinfecting cuts and scrapes. That's right! Hydrogen peroxide is useless. After centuries of blindly trusting the stuff, scientists have found that hydrogen peroxide doesn't prevent bacterial growth or reduce the risk of infection at incision sites. In fact, it may actually slow the healing process. The "sizzling" is not the bacteria coming to a demise, it is a chemical reaction to the enzyme catalase, which is found in our blood and cells. When hydrogen peroxide meets catalase, it turns into oxygen gas and water, and boom! Medically reassuring fizz ensues. Doctors say you are you are better off flushing the wound with running tap water or saline, then use a mild soap to clean the surrounding area. Top it off with a thin layer of Vaseline for added moisture and protection. (Antibiotic ointments can lead to swelling and allergic reactions.) And despite the lore that wounds should breathe, they heal best when covered and moist. So slap on a bandage and change it regularly.

SOURCE: Cracked

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