Husband Uses Drone To Catch Cheating Wife

November 16, 2016

© Oleksandr Delyk | Dreamstime

Drones are revolutionizing the world.  From taking breathtaking pictures and videos to the possibility of delivering package, it also is a great way to catch your spouse cheating on you.  At least it worked for one husband who was able to confirm that his wife was having an affair thanks to his drone.  According to his account, his wife had been receiving calls to show up for work early more often during the past two weeks.  Other signs of an unhappy marriage must've been present because he attempted to follow her to work a couple of times but no suspicious activity was found.  However one day last week, he used his video drone to follow his wife to work.  His hunch was validated when her regular walking path to work took a detour and to the heartbreak of the husband, she meets an unnamed person in a black SUV outside a store as it appears their 18 year marriage may be over. WARNING! Video contains strong/NSFW language.


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