Hurricane Matthew May Have Help Halt The Zika Virus For A Time

October 10, 2016


While Hurricane Matthew has left 4 Floridians dead and millions without pwoer in its wake, there may be a silver lining. The hurricane could put the brakes on the spread of the Zika virus in south Florida, for a while anyways. Usually after tropical weather, adult mosquitoes get washed away by heavy rain and intereupts the mosquito cycle as rains and flooding wash away larvae from breeding sites, such as tires, bottlecaps, bird baths and flower pots.  Plus, with such a late hitting storm, the naturally declining misquiot population will have a harder time re-populating and transmitting the virus. The mosquito population naturally declines starting in September.  Howver it is stll important tnot to let your guard down and protect yourself from misquiots bites, wear long sleeved shirts andpants and to use DEET repellets. People should also remove standing water around their homes and use air conditioning rather than opening windows when possible. 


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