Hurricane Harvey Creates Need For Cash

August 28, 2017


The Texas gulf coast was the place where category 4 hurricane Harvey came ashore Friday and has continued to meander around, delivering lots of rain, with some forecasts are saying an unprecedented 45 to 50 inches of rain will fall before the system slowly travels northeast later this week.

5 people have died, with at least 2 being swept away by floodwaters.  Around 1,200 have been rescued from floodwaters as downtown Houston struggles to move patients from the city's public hospital as floodwaters rise.  Some roadways are under 10 feet of water as the center of Harvey is forecast to return to warm gulf waters Tuesday and make a second landfall near Houston.  How can you help?  For now the American Red Cross is encouraging you to text a $10 donation to 90999 (message & data rates may apply) as well as they are asking for volunteers.  Crowdfunding site Global Giving is attempting to raise $2 million that will "exclusively support local relief and recovery efforts from this storm."  Just remember to use common sense if you are planning to offer financial assistance.  Use only reputable organizations and remember at times of crisis, cash is key.

SOURCE: Newser

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