How Your Personality Influences Weight Management

September 20, 2017

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Managing weight is so easy for some but for most it is a daily struggle. While you may fault weakness, stress and situations for failure, it very well may be your personality that at issue. A research firm has broken down our personalities into five groups: The Thinker, The Craver, The Socializer, The Foodie and The Freewheeler. Knowing which personality you are can help you understand your body and mindset better so you can reach a happy point for you. Most of us are considered Thinkers (37%), generally Millennials and Gen Xers and overwhelming women (86%), where you overanalyze your progress and generally have unrealistic expectations. So create achievable goals and don't expect too much too soon. The next biggest group are The Craver (26%) who find it hard to resist temptation and are generally more obese than other groups and admit they had tried to diet more than 25 times and say that chocolate and confectionery are the biggest problem foods to resist. So perhaps some professional help with nutrition and fitness is best.  The Socializer (17%) and Foodie (16%) are the third largest groups and tent to be the group more likely to be men (Foodies) and baby boomers (Socializers).  Most likely to be normal weight and eating the ost vegetables they also tend to consume the most alcohol, which make up about a third of their diets and are not big fans exercise.  This group see feasts with friends and long conversations more important than being physically active. Finally the Freewheeler (4%) is a spontaneous and impulsive eater, and the least likely to meet healthy dietary guidelines. Freewheelers are mostly men who avoid planning meals and more than half (55%) are obese. So work on planning meals that are balanced at specific times of the day. The study also found another generational difference with younger people commonly using fitness trackers and apps to lose weight, while older generations turned to diet books and support groups.


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