How Your Fitness Tracker May Be The Key In Curing Diseases And Cancer

October 12, 2017

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Those fitness tracker many use to keep track of your steps, calories and pulse maybe the key in curing cancer.  That's the hope for many doctors and scientists who say the data collected from the millions of people using them is playing a pivotal role in understanding how exercise can help prevent, manage and reverse a range of diseases, including cancer.  One of the biggest fitness tracking companies, Fitbit, releases its user data anonymously (see your Terms and Conditions) to scientists who have used the data in 457 studies, which have opened up the eyes on how important exercise is.  From increasing mental and physical health during breast cancer treatment to the value of fitness trackers for self-managing type 2 diabetes. Another study found that walking around can help cancer patients avoid readmission after surgery and even went as far as saying doctors were able to predict who would end up back in hospital based on their step count.  While we're a long way from curing cancer it does show how data collected from your daily habits and activity can improve our overall health and lifestyle.


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