How You Wash Your Hair May Boost Bouts Of Back Acne

July 6, 2017

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It's one of the most common skin problems, back acne, or bacne as its affectionately called.  More than 50% of women experience bouts of back acne over their lifetimes (as well as nearly 40% of men) and while antibiotics or tweaking your diet can alleviate this problem, the way you shower could be the root of the flare-ups.  Dermatologist, Dr. Christie Kidd says while washing your back can help stay off bacne, how we wash our hair can promote it.  It comes down to those long locks and conditioner.  Most likely is your freshly shampooed and conditioned hair lies back on your back while you finish in the shower.  The agents in the shampoo and conditioner can cause irritation and spawn back acne.  She suggests you clipping up your freshly washed hair so it doesn’t lay on your back until you are out of the shower and it's properly dry.  Dr. Kidd also suggest keeping your cleaning regime simple.  Too many specific cleansers and soaps applied with sponges, brushes and washcloths can all irate your skin.  She recommends to keep it simple with the products and use your hands to wash your face and body to keep acne from flaring up.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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