How You Can Help Puerto Rico And Islands Affected By Hurricane Maria

September 25, 2017

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Although we are in our own recovery efforts in Florida after Hurricane Irma, it is estimated it will take decades for Puerto Rico to recover from Hurricane Maria.  As the US territory got a direct hit from the category 4 storm it is now evident it's force has destroyed the nation with the entire island without electrical power, 1,360 of the island's 1,600 cellphone towers down, 85% of phone and internet cables were knocked out. Now imminent failure of the Guajataca Dam has more than 70,000 people being moved to higher ground.  The good news is that aid is making it into the country.  FEMA has begun delivering assistance and an airport tarmac opened on Friday to limited emergency assistance flights and the US military is bringing in mobile communications systems 9which could take weeks/months to fully establish) to bring news to loved one who have still heard little to nothing.  All this plight has the world wanting to help and according to the governor of Puerto Rico, the best you can do is financial help as its utter chaos on what goods are currently needed and how to get them to those in need (CLICK ON ANY ORGANZIATION TO LINK TO THEIR DONATION PAGE). First Lady of Puerto Rico Beatriz Rosselló (CLICK HERE), The Hispanic Federation (CLICK HERE), The Miami Foundation (CLICK HERE), GlobalGiving (CLICK HERE), El Concilio (CLICK HERE), ConPRmetidos (CLICK HERE) and the Salvation Army (CLICK HERE) have all set up accounts to donate cash specifically for Puerto Rico, while All Hands (CLICK HERE) will focus on the U.S. Virgin Islands and specially St. Croix which has no power at all on the island. Dominica London High Commission (CLICK HERE) to raise money for basic relief materials on Dominica.

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