How You Are You Own Worst Enemy With Your Pay

January 27, 2017

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It always feels like you are not paid for what you are worth and unfortunately, some of the blame rests on your shoulders.  So here are some tips to maximize your salary.  As taboo as it once was, openly discussing your salary is not a bad thing.  In fact, it can help you get more if you find your equal gets 20% more money than you. When it's time for a raise, don't lock up and don't ask for the bare minimum.  Be realistic too and not ask for the moon.  If your equal is making 20% more than you, then it's reasonable to ask for an additional 20%.  Don't stop at just a salary either. Ask what compensations items are up for discussion as many companies offer stock options, allowances for cars, phones and travel and even memberships and discounts for everyday items and services.  If it's time to seek out a new job because of money, take a look at growth opportunities.  You may have to take a step back financially to get in a rapidly growing company, where your future earning could be limitless.  And of the job offer isn't financially where you think it should be, don't immediately turn it down. Many times your character, personality and expertise can "win" over employers. Perhaps dazzling them with your charm will keep you at the top of the list if another position at a higher salary opens up.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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