How To Win The Wishbone Wish Battle

November 22, 2017

© Maria Dryfhout | Dreamstime

One Thanksgiving tradition involves the turkey wishbone, where two people vie to conquer the other by snapping it in two and ending up with the bigger size. We're gonna let you in on a little secret and give you the advantage to win it fair and square, with just a hint of cheating!  Anyway it starts by knowing a little about the wishbone.  It is filled with collagen that when dries become brittle, so make sure it is dried out.  Next with as much discretion as possible, choose the thicker side of the bone for a tactical advantage.  Now is where our advice can come into play.  Keep a firm grip and DON'T MOVE.  Make your opponent begin to break the bone.  The stress of the pulling from your opponent will be enough force to cause their side to break first leaving you with the larger portion and the legal ownership of the wish!  You can also encourage your adversary to twist their side of the bone.  Since bones are not designed to withstand twisting, you are guaranteed a win!

SOURCE: Boing Boing

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