How To Unshrink Your Cothes

August 19, 2016


As hard as you try to separate clothes from making it in the washer but staying out of the dryer, every now and then once slips though and it's only after you recover it from the dryer you realize is has shrunk.  Before you toss it in the garbage try this quick life hack to get your shirt back!  It involves baby shampoo, two towels, a bucket and some warm water.  First fill a bucket (or kitchen sink) with lukewarm water.  Then pour in a capful of baby shampoo and dunk your garment for a few seconds; long enough for the baby shampoo to soak into the garment.  The key ingredient, baby shampoo, relaxes the fibers.  After a soaking, squeeze out most of the water and law out the garment on one of the towels that is on a hard, flat surface.  Roll the towel and garment together and squeeze out water.  The, after you unroll the garment from the first towel, lay it out on the 2nd towel and give it a tug in multiple directions to stretch the garment out until its the size it should be.  Then let dry (yes, without rinsing out the baby shampoo).  Although this trick works on most clothing, it will not work with wool sweater.

SOURCE: One Good Thing by Jillee

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