How To Stop Stress-Eating

June 30, 2017

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There is little doubt that stress can wreak havoc on your body and mind.  For many people reaching for a bag of chips or unwrapping a candy bar is how we cope, which is called stress eating.  Why stress eating is so common is because of how our bodies work.  Stress causes he hormone, cortisol, to be released, which elevates blood sugar levels and that's why we crave sugary foods during those tough days.  But who wants to hear that when you are stressed out???!  That's why a little knowledge on the subject can make sure that toned body you've worked on for so long remains toned. Experts warn that when stress eating isn't managed, it can turn into a full-blown eating disorder which can lead to serious health issues. Knowing that we're going to be stressed out, you need to outsmart your brain and body.  Much like taking care of a toddler, you have to distract your brain from wanting junk food at times of stress say nutritionists.  The best way is to go out for a 10 minute walk, and no, it isn't to the pantry! Walking or any exercise causes your brain to be flooded with another hormone, endorphin, which will improve your mood! Although you mobile phone may be a good distraction for a toddler, it isn't for you, so ditch the phone as more likely than not, it will cause even more stressed-induced cortisol to be released. Even after all this distraction techniques, you still find yourself stress-eating, it's probably time to seek professional help.  The most important thing is to admit it if you are a stress-eater.  That way you can work to break that cycle.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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