How To Stop A Blanket bandit From Stealing The Sheets At Night

May 24, 2017

© Suprijono Suharjoto | Dreamstime

Do you share a bed with a blanket bandit?  A sheet thief who robs you of covers throughout the night?  According to a recent survey, people who slept with bedtime companion items, such as dolls, toys, special blanket and teddy bears, are more likely to steal covers from you. Out of adults who tended to steal the covers, 35% of them slept with a doll growing up and 31% of them slept with a teddy bear. The study didn’t find a clear reason as to why sleeping with a doll in your youth means you become a sheet stealer. But as we ponder, the more important task is how you get them to stop.  Here are some tips. Consider purchasing a larger than average blanket and top sheet. For example, if you have a queen size bed, purchase a king size flat sheet and duvet/blanket/other bedding covers. All that extra length at the sides turns into separate snuggle zones! Purchase separate covers.  Extra covers ensure you and your thief have your own blanket to embrace without risk of being snatched while sleeping.  Try clipping the sheets securely on either side of the bed. There are lots of sheet clips on the market that secure hold your portion of the sheets. If all else fails, don't be afraid to wake them up when a theft occurs. The second you feel your blanket being torn from you, wake them up with a nudge or a “You’re doing it again” in your nicest and most condensing voice!  Soon their subconscious brain, should begin to modify its behavior.

SOURCE: Best Mattress, Women's Health & WikiHow

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