How To Speed Up Your Internet Experience

August 28, 2017

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How much of your day do you stare at that little spinning circle of lines as your computer attempts to switch to a new Internet page or load a video?  While we're quick to wag our fingers at the Internet, most of the time it is your computer or equipment you use to connect to the Internet.  So we'll go over some troubleshooting that may speed up your web surfing experience! The easiest thing you can do is to re-boot your computer, Internet modem and Wi-Fi.  A fresh connection is like changing the sheets on your bed, refreshing and sets the whole world right! Check your Wi-Fi signal as a weak signal will slow things down.  Since we're on the subject of modems and Wi-Fi, when was the last time you updated them?  While we spend big bucks for fast computers and girthy internet connection speeds, your Modem and Wi-Fi outer may not be able to transfer that information quickly because it is at the maximum transfer rate. Plus more items connect to the Internet than ever before.  So look into buying a modem and Wi-Fi router that is consistent with your Internet and computer speeds. Finally prepare for slow Internet speeds, such as the speeds at your favorite coffee shop and restaurants, where many people are on at the same time.  Disable images from loading and videos from playing.  Experts recommend you set up a secondary browser on your laptop or mobile phone specifically for slower connections (like on an airplane).  Web browsers like Opera Turbo, which compresses data much denser to use less data transfer information, which can speed things up.  Google offers the Data Saver extension which also does the same for Chrome. Finally check to see the speed the Internet is connecting to your device.  There are a lot of speed test web site that measures how much data is being sent and received.  Check those speeds with the plan you pay for. It may be time to move to the next available plan.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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