How To Snap A Group Photo Like A Pro

December 20, 2017

© James Steidl | Dreamstime

The holidays are filled with friends and family, which usually involves a group photo.  So here is how you can ace that pic like a pro.  #1-Plan the Backdrop. Figure out beforehand where you want to take the picture.  Take into account the number of people, direction of the sun or light and if there is enough room.  A large, neutral-colored wall or a simple outdoor background makes an ideal canvas because it won’t distract from your subjects. It’s okay to include a Christmas tree or other holiday item in the frame. Just be sure to keep it on the periphery, so the focus is on your friends and family. #2-Be Bossy. Don't wait for people to organize themselves. It will just slow down the process and encourage their attention to wander. #3-Upgrade Your Camera Self Timer.  Most new cameras use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi that you can control with mobile apps. Most phones have a three or 10 second timer.  Use the 10 second to make sure you are in place for the photo. #4-Use Available Light. A camera's onboard flash often creates a harsh, unnatural look. So see whether you can take your shot without using a flash. Turn on as many lamps as you can—and maybe even remove their shades. If taking an outdoor picture, look for a shady spot out of the direct sun if possible.

SOURCE: Consumer Reports

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