How To Remove Pesticides from Fruits And Vegetables

November 3, 2017

Fruits and vegetables look absolutely delicious in the produce aisle but hidden are the pesticides used while they were being grown. While fruits and vegetables are washed before going on display, it is usually in a bleach solution to remove dirt and kill any harmful microbes but it doesn't remove any pesticides. Using a dishwashing soap can lead to a funny-tasting food as it can get trapped or absorbed by the pores and become difficult to rinse off. While you can spend a small fortune on products designed to remove pesticides, you can rinse off the bad by using a mixture of one teaspoon baking soda per two cups of water and submerging them in the solution for 12-15minutes.  A study found the baking soda solution to completely get rid of the pesticides.  The study also suggest you doing it when you purchase fruits and vegetables because the longer the chemicals stay on the skin of fruits and vegetables, the deeper they can get into the meat and the harder it is to remove.  You can also opt for organic produce which are prohibited from using chemical pesticides.

SOURCE: Consumer Reports

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