How To Properly Squeeze An Avocado For Ripeness

February 8, 2018

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There are many mysteries in the grocery store, the home of all things edible!  While you thump melons and lightly squeeze tomatoes and pluck of a grape to sample, picking out a ripe avocado can be a challenge.  While you squeeze an avocado, which feels both firm and squishy and believe it is ready for your guacamole, there is a good chance that is not anywhere ready once you cut into it!  So how can you pick the ripe avocado every time?  Come to find out, there is a proper way to squeeze for ripeness.  However it's in one area.  The bulbous, fat, wide, round bottom. Give that end a squeeze or a press. If it’s squishy, you’re good to go. The reason? Because an avocado ripens from the stem end on down. If it’s ripe at the bottom, it’s ripe throughout. Now, spread the word and share the knowledge!

SOURCE: The Takeout

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