How To Pick The Freshest Eggs In The Store

April 4, 2018

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There's nothing like eating foods that are fresh!  While your grocer's egg cooler is routinely updated with fresh cartons, we're about to share with you a little trick to hunt down the freshest eggs in the case!  Cook's Illustrated magazine, Dan Souza, shares with us the little-known way to figure out when your eggs were packed. When you locate the "Best By" date on the carton, there will be a three digit number near it. That number is known as the Julian date, and signifies the number of the day in the calendar year on which the carton was packed. So, for example, 001 would mean the eggs were packed on January 1, 004 signifies they were packed on January 4, so on and so forth through 365, which means they were packed on December 31. Souza recommends using this handy trick to locate eggs that are less than three weeks old in order to make the tastiest egg-involved recipes.  

SOURCE: Thrillist

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